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Key West is divided into two main areas.  We always spent our time in the Old Down district, and I heartily recommend staying there.  A number of excellent bread and breakfast style inns are available within walking distance to the heart of Old Town.  In fact, walking or renting a bicycle are the two best options for exploring.

Butterfly Close-UpLocated at 1316 Duval Street, the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a must-see attraction.  It starts with an informative self-led tour, and then the magic happens.  You step into a sealed foyer and then are passed through into the conservatory.  Butterflies flitter and soar everywhere.  There are numerous species, and the convervatory is laid out like a garden, its paths curving along streams, through tropical plant life, and over small decorative bridges.  Benches are set out along the way where one can simply stop, sit, and observe.  I cannot adequately describe the sense of serenity pervading the conservatory.  I can say that a person can spend as much time as they like in the conservatory right up until closing time.  Spend time there – it is a quiet, relaxing space and should not be rushed through.


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KW Rooster

Another of Key West’s proud denizens. The roosters and chickens freely range the island, and will strut right up to an outdoor dining table, straight as you please, and eye you until food is forthcoming.

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air kw 2010

Key West clouds at sunset.

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