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End of Autumn

My study is on the second floor. My desk is set in front of a large window, so that when I “drift off” while writing I can look out and have a nice view. It’s mostly the tops of trees, but it’s my view and I kind of like it.

Today is a dreary, grey sort of day. There’s a bit of a breeze, too. I just watched a few golden leaves from a Norway maple flitter by deep, dark green Hemlocks. There won’t be many chances to see that again until next fall.

There I go again, using the change of seasons to inspire a pensive mood. The new book is out, which means, naturally, that I need to start on Book the Next. I have a few clues about what I want to write about, but it’s time to do some research to see if I can narrow it down. Maybe today is a research kind of day.


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