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My book is here!

“A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru” arrived at my doorstep yesterday. The official release date is November 1, but it can be ordered via amazon.com now.

A book takes a long time to produce. There’s the germination of the idea, then the research. After that, the book goes into the draft process.

Then there’s the whole submission and publication bit, wich takes a lot of energy.

In short, I have been dealing with books, articles, web pages. I have spent an amazing amount of time typing into a word processor. I’ve talked to some amazing and supportive people who wanted to help me make this book happen. It’s been years, and while I knew this day would come, I was still surpirsed and excited to open that package and have my book spill out.

It even has that “new book” smell.


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